Blue #Ballena a Macabre Game

This macabre and dangerous supposed game that has claimed several lives of teenagers, takes its name because it refers to the collective suicides of some whales, who seek the shore to find death. Within Greek mythology it was said that they committed suicide because Neptune, god of the seas had expelled them, but certain studies state that these marine mammals are affected by some disease that damages their echo-based navigation system, another study that is for following their leader that if he becomes ill or loses direction they imitate his behavior.

Now if returning to the central theme of this macabre game that lasts 50 days with 50 challenges, that is to say one per day, some force them to wake up at midnight to watch horror videos, cut off body parts and take selfies on the edge of a very high place and in the end it is that they take their life and commit suicide.

In February of this year, there were communications from Russia where they reported that Yulia Konstantinova, 15, and Veronika Volkova, 16, launched into a vacuum from a 14-story building in the city of Irkutsk, in Siberia.

This is already an evil that has spread across all social media platforms such as twitter, facebook, youtube, VKontakte, whatsapp, in which these death groups are created where members who upload photos of their challenges are appreciated compliments, this goes from being a subject that goes from being a game to a macabre act of mind control, adolescents who have not followed the instructions, have a profile which everyone knows about God go to churches and in their homes there is communication, Therefore, this does not seem attractive.

These are the 50 challenges of the blue whale if you observe any of these in your children or students, you must take action and open the dialogue immediately.

Day 1: Cut yourself with a knife by writing “f 57” in your hand and then send the photo to the administrator of the Facebook or WhatsApp group that invited you.
Day 2: Get up at 4.20 am and watch the horror and psychedelic videos that the administrator sends you.
Day 3: Cut yourself in the arms with a razor blade along the veins, but not very deep. Make only three cuts and send the photo to the administrator.
Day 4: Draw a whale on a sheet of paper and send it to the administrator.
Day 5: If you are ready to “become a whale” write “YES” with a knife in your leg. If you’re not ready, cut yourself several times (punish yourself).
Day 6: Challenge sent using an encrypted method.
Day 7: Cut yourself with a knife writing “f 40” in your hand and then send the photo to the administrator.
Day 8: Write “#i_am_whale” in your profile state (something like #yo_soy_ballena). You have to overcome your fears.
Day 9: You have to overcome your fears.
Day 10: Get up at 4:20 am and head to a roof (the higher the better).
Day 11: Cut a whale in your hand with a knife and send the photo to the administrator.
Day 12: Watch horror and psychedelic videos for a whole day.
Day 13: Listen to the music that “they” (administrators) send you.
Day 14: Cut your lip.
Day 15: Prick your hand with a pin many times.
Day 16: Do something painful to yourself, get sick.
Day 17: Go to the highest roof you can find, stand on the edge for a while.
Day 18: Go to a bridge and stand on the edge.
Day 19: Scale a crane or at least try to do it.
Day 20: The administrator does some test to see if you are a reliable person.
Day 21: Have a conversation with “a whale” (another player or the same administrator) on Skype.
Day 22: Go to a roof, sit on the edge with your legs hanging.
Day 23: Another proof sent encrypted.
Day 24: Secret task.
Day 25: Meet with “a whale.”
Day 26: The administrator will tell you the date of your death, you must accept it.
Day 27: Get up at 4:20 and walk to the train tracks (visit any train line you can find).
Day 28: Do not talk to anyone throughout the day.
Day 29: It boasts that “you are a whale.”
Day 30 to 49: Every day get up at 4:20 am, watch horror videos, listen to music that “they” send you, make a cut a day and talk to “a whale.”
Day 50: Jump from a tall building. Take your life.

They catch the alleged author of the “Blue Whale”

Philip Budeikin is 21 years old and is indicated as a possible author of the challenge.

As this harmless-looking young man is observed, he is accused of being the creator of such a terrifying game, which states that he never thought that people would do what he said is awaiting his conviction in court, but there are others who are taking the baton in this game that is becoming massive and has already reached hundreds of countries. Pass this information you could save a life !.

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