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Very bin in this part we will only mention the ICTs that we have at hand for our use, either in education or in our case IT is very important to know that I can use it, logically know is power if I do not know it I can use it, very well among the main ones I put a box so that they also analyze how much they are used:

Very well start with the most popular, leaving the one we saw that are SOCIAL NETWORKS, Blogs, like this in which we can POstear or put all kinds of information now this blog is a web page or in short What is it? for this we must differentiate what is one and the other very well:

  1. A web page has more static information, it is not updated very often,
  2. A blog is much more dynamic in terms of the information it contains, and faster and easier to publish.
  3. They are two different media.
  4. The blog is more interactive because it admits comments from readers
  5. One medium does not exclude the other. I can have a web page and also a blog.
  6. The frequency of update: some very active blogs are updated several times a day.
  7. Collaborative work: By custom, a blog can be carried by a single person (its owner), but often receives many collaborations that provide great information for the creation of articles. You will also find many links between blogs, which form a true community.
  8. The ease with which the content is added: In the case of our community, blogs (and more specifically the system that exists behind) allow you to write the text of the articles quickly and easily. In addition the author (blogger) does not need any technical knowledge and the publication is a matter of minutes.

Bearing this in mind we would say that a blog is more SOCIAL that is what we are looking for in order to reach more people, now these blogs are in fourth place after video, wikis, images and communication programs (chats, Skype, messengers) that We’ll see later.

Very well a blog is a more striking way to join several ICTs or chain services as you might call it, that is, we have several options of videos, images, presentations, mail, twitter, other blogs etc, that we can connect with our blog, from there It is a powerful tool to carry a message to our followers, achieving a SOCIAL BLOG.