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“Recognition to the Innovative Teacher of my City OEI Award Microsoft Forum21” Thank You God

Dear friends, we are very happy for this recognition and I will be sincere not expected since it was something done 3 years ago, that’s why when I received the call on December 24, 2015 in the morning via whats up, from Galia Kohon with a very marked Argentine accent, I thought it was a joke from a computer friend and I thought that application can be used to mask the call and make me believe that it was Argentina code, but the conversation refreshed my memory about the http: / / in which I had uploaded the project in which we had done some time ago, ended the call with a check your email.

Quick contact me with my partner Sonia Chávez and tell her the good news; at the beginning as my surprised person told me that I was not a teacher who was a news executive that I took with much pleasure because he deserves it is an exceptional teacher who bets on ICT, one thing came after another I received the document that his text had this news:

Dear Augusto Bernal:
Congratulations! In addition to joining the Expert Innovative Educator Program (MIE Expert – Microsoft Innovative Educator), we are pleased to inform you that the Organization of Ibero-American States, FORO21 and Microsoft have recognized their work as a teacher in the EU Carlos Polit Ortiz, Manta, Manabí, Ecuador in the project framework Generate your own evaluation material.

The project stands out for using technological tools to promote the different forms of evaluation and self-evaluation among students, stimulating their capacity for the regulation of the study and the production of contents for teaching. In this way, joint evaluation criteria are established that serve both for study and for life in general.

We believe that your work is an important sample of what Latin American educators do best: teach our children and help them develop. Today’s world calls us to include technologies in the most attractive and meaningful way possible and that is exactly what their work shows: how technology becomes more than a tool when it can help improve teaching and learning .

It is for this reason that we will carry out, in conjunction with the City Hall of Manta, an award in their school, in which the Recognition will be given to the Innovative Teacher of my City.
Once again we congratulate you for your work and we hope that this recognition can promote more and better innovations in your school and your community.

Say hello to you,
Mara Golzman
Project Director
[email protected]
Cel: +5411921692791
Skype: mascarponica

After this, with the certainty that we had been chosen for the mention, we went on twitter to our president Econ. Rafael Correa knowing the unconditional support to the improvement of the education of our beautiful #Ecuador gave us the RT thing that I did not know and by some messages my friends tell me the RT gave the president and turned us into a trend in a few minutes that good surprise!

Thanks to the interview of Television Manabita and my friend Edison Almeida that allowed us to communicate to everyone about the project and above all expose that in #Ecuador if there is # innovation and with few resources, ours was with pentium4 machines and free ubuntu and jclic software.

The invitations were made as is our custom in digital, could not allow the use of paper in any of these processes by the project # paperwork carried in our country that aims to reduce the use of paper, and was shared by email and networks social.

And it was the day of the award January 29, 2016 at 3:00 pm and above all the power to expose everyone present the project in which it consisted and above all to generate spaces to add more colleagues
We finished this beautiful journey with the news of the municipality of Manta-Ecuador with the mayor Jorge Zambrano.