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We can indicate that the information and communication technologies (ICT), have been centralized in private educational centers for years back nowadays the society tries to include them at a general level to reach a certain degree of digital literacy, you can find texts with These statements:

This emerging information society, driven by a vertiginous scientific advance in a neoliberal-globalizing socioeconomic framework and supported by the widespread use of powerful and versatile information and communication technologies (ICT), entails changes that reach all areas of human activity Its effects are manifested in a very special way in work activities and in the educational world, where everything must be reviewed: from the raison d’etre of the school and other educational institutions, to the basic training that we need people, the way to teach and to learn, the infrastructures and the means we use for this, the organizational structure of the centers and their culture.

Of which we can note words such as socioeconomic, work activities, culture, organizational structure, making it clear that a certain amount of everything that ICTs mean, but for this blog we will only focus on them to use to help many children out of the world. child labor

What are the characteristics of ICT?
Information and communication technologies have the following main characteristics:

  • They are innovative and creative, because they give access to new forms of communication.
  • They have greater influence and benefit in greater proportion to the educational area since it makes it more accessible and dynamic.
  • They are considered subjects of public and political debate, since their use implies a promising future.
  • They are more frequently related to the use of the Internet and information technology.
  • They affect many areas of the human sciences such as sociology, the theory of organizations or management.
  • In Latin America, countries such as Argentina and Mexico and Europe and Spain and France stand out with their use in universities and institutions.

The main new technologies are:

  • Internet
  • Robotics
  • Specific purpose computers
  • Electronic money

They are a great long-term economic relief. although in the time of acquisition it is a strong investment.
They constitute means of communication and acquisition of information of all kinds, including scientific, to which people can access by their own means, that is, they promote distance education in which it is almost a necessity for the student to be able to reach all the information possible usually only, with minimal help from the teacher.