10 Video Games to Learn History

I think that more than one knew the famous game Age of empires or age of mithology and its variants, because it was fascinating while interacting with Arcantos, Castor, Eitri and other mythology heroes you learned from these characters while fighting for some urban center relic and resources, because of this I learned that the economy was simple you have or do not have and if you do not have to explore look for that much desired resource, I have been an educator, trainer, teacher, trainer for over 14 years and it is a fascinating world the fact of using technology in education, imagine that a student tells you about the Vikings, the crusades and facts of the wars and I have seen teachers remain silent, but it is normal the story is beautiful and more if there is such a medium versatile like video games

Is the story violent? I think not all but most of the changes of humanity have been due to war, this means that progress in every area has always been due to militia issues, such as dehydrated food, light weapons and resistant weapons were given by alloys or use of better polymers, aviation or say good is that the subject is very broad and interesting but do not get away from what I want to communicate in this section, I will mention some video games that are very good for learning facts of world history, It would be exciting if we created a video game of our history of each of the countries to which we belong, I leave you the idea, well without further ado these are in my opinion the best:

1. Battlefield 1942

Based on World War II, relive some of the most transcendental battles such as The Battle of Stalingrad or that of Iwo Jima.

2. Rome: Total War

It is the year 270 BC, it is the best representation of Imperial Rome, the objective is to control the armies led by Julio Cesar or Hannibal, legendary generals of course with a lot of strategy.

3. Praetorians

It is Ancient Rome at the time of Julio Cesar. In the year 60 B.C. the crusades of the most powerful generals of Rome: Julius Caesar, Pompey the Great and Marco Crassus in the search for new lands will lead you to put a lot of head.

4. Age of Empires I and II

My favorite crusades range from Pharaonic Egypt, to the Yamato Empire of the Japanese Rising Sun. You can play with historical figures such as Erik the Red, Joan of Arc, Richard the Lionheart or William Wallace. This is the best to learn history of the middle ages you just have to try it.

5. Empire Total War

From the 18th century the industrial revolution of the United Kingdom brought great technological advances thanks to the creation of the steam engine and the railroad, it also provides the opportunity to understand the struggle of the United States for its Independence. The game is divided into several stages, with commercial altercations in the East and the globalization of war both on land and at sea.

6. Year 1701
It is oriented to the times of colonization, in which a new continent was discovered as such allows us to manage our own colony, as well as learn about sea travel and what happened to indigenous peoples.

7. Commandos

World War II Europe under German power this game is a technique of thinking about your next step and especially how the foundations of that time were; Now you will be in the English army and you will be a command of highly dangerous operations such as infiltrating German camps.

8. Tropic

The cold war is the United States and the Soviet Union in high tension for the different ideologies. You will have to run your own island in the Pacific and all that entails this.

9. Civilization

A strategy video game and you should know how to transform your colony and how to evolve from the pyramids to the present and the near future.

10. Ryse: Son of Rome

In this video game you will be a Centurion in the time of Emperor Nero, for which you must conquer new lands, an interesting aspect is its graphics and scenarios.

11. Expeditions: Conqueror

Another strategy and decision-making game while conquering the lands of the new world and thanks to this you make wealth

12. Birth of America

Game adapted from the 18th century, you will have to deal with the confrontations of the time that were necessary to found North America.

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